Title: Electrical and Thermal Engineer
Location: USA/China
Position Description:
– Responsible for the battery pack, BMS system, and high and low voltage electrical system design, testing, and manufacturing
– Sets and achieves objectives for battery system cost, mass, performance, and reliability
– Generates new architecture concepts for use across a variety of products
– Creates and executes 3D modeling and drawings
– Works closely with vendors to determine optimal electrical and thermal OEM parts to integrate into vehicle
– Ensures that all new product designs are properly validated and comply with federal compliance, regulatory, and testing requirements
– BS or higher degree in Mechanical and/or Electrical Engineering
– 10+ years of experience in electrical and thermal engineering
– Proven experience in the automotive industry
– Specialties in heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics, phase change, thermodynamics, and energy conversion
– Advanced experience in 3D modeling software platforms
– Must be willing to travel
To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@greenpowerbus.com.