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Zero Emissions Electric Buses

We at Chariot Motors Company believe that every effort at a better future for us, our children, and the community, is worth it. Our striving and efforts are directed into creating a modern and sustainable urban transport system by introducing innovative electric vehicles to cities. We contribute to the transition towards green public transport by offering fully electric zero emission non-polluting e-buses. Our main mission is to create a greener future and to improve the urban environment by providing zero emissions and reliable public transport.

Our e-buses fit operator needs in the two major categories of 
Fast charging Ultracapacitor
 and Slow charging Battery buses.


Specifics of Fast charging Ultracapacitor (UC) based electric buses are


A five to ten min single charge

Chariot UC e-bus offers five to ten minute single charge, allowing up to 90km range on a single charge (SORT 2).

Chariot Motors_UltracapacitorLife

Long capacitor life

Ultracapacitor manufacturer Aowei gives up to ten years’ full manufacturing warranty.

Chariot Motors_Temperatures

Works down to -40°C

Chariot UC e-bus works fine in winter temperatures down to -40°C.


Specifics of slow charging battery buses


Long range

Battery based e-buses have up to 400km single charge range (SORT 2).



A three-hour charge

The battery e-buses charge for up to three hours overnight at the depot.

Chariot Motors_moreRoads

Freedom on the road

Battery e-buses can serve any bus route (lines) without extra infrastructure.

Total emissions reductions realized by Chariot e-buses

km Driven
E-Buses on the road
kg CO2 saved
g NOx saved

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