The chariot, Chariot Motors’ emblem, historically signified victory, freedom, and success in diverse societies. Today we imbue it with the sense of advance and innovation inherent in our electric vehicles.

Incorporated: 2009
Sector: Transportation
Passion: Green Energy

In ancient times, the god of trade and invention Hermes was depicted standing in his chariot drawn by four horses. Sirius was his guiding star and his main duty was to rule and protect the roads.

Over the centuries, chariots conveyed crowned heads and fabled heroes. It was an attribute of their success and victory and a symbol of glory and the invincible spirit of humanity.

In the Chariot Motors company logo, the chariot combines the spirit of the glorious past and the innovative future we invest into our energy efficient and environmentally neutral electric buses with their ultracapacitor or battery storage. We believe that using them improves urban living conditions greatly and provides more sustainable, clean, and safe public transportation.

Chariot Motors symbol

In 47 BC, Julius Caesar returned to Rome triumphant in his chariot after defeating Pharnaces II at Zela with the words: “I came, I saw, I conquered“.

It is 2009 AD and Chariot Motors’ founder Zwika Zimmermann, having surveyed the global market in detail, integrated all his knowledge and experience in transportation into today’s victory chariot: the Chariot electric bus. Today, this bus provides sustainable public transport in numerous cities, propelled by the innovative and harmless ultracapacitor technology. Electric vehicles inspired by the impetus and symbolism of the chariot are making Zwika’s dream to be “the future of urban transportation” come true.

We in Chariot Motors’ team continue to make this dream a reality by developing new and ever better products for our clients. We are driven by the idea of a better future ushered by the implementation of environmentally friendly urban transport.

We are innovators and visionaries. We believe we can change and improve the world by harnessing the chariots of today: Chariot electric buses.

Chariot Motors' Mission, Vision, Values and Policy

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    Contribute to a better future and life in the urban environment by implementing sustainable public transport and realising the full potential of electric buses

    Always innovative and with consideration for a better and greener future, we created Chariot e-buses for you, our customers and the community. We are thus doing our best to introduce them into today’s modern and sustainable urban transport system.

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    Full implementation of ecological, sustainable, and emissions free public transport in cities

    Our vision is to deliver electric buses that are reliable, comfortable, sustainable, and emissions free to transport operators, for the sake of passengers and the public.

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    A new era of innovation, sustainability, customer growth, success, and trust

    The Chariot Motors Company’s values form the basis for an innovative and sustainable culture in public transport.

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    Chariot Motors is certified to ISO45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

    We know the standards that need to be met, and we have the tools in place to ensure quality, consistency, and safety. We strive to prevent pollution, reduce waste, and minimize the consumption of resources concerning our activities, products, and services. Find Chariot Motors ISO certificates.






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