Chariot Motors Ultracapacitor electric bus

Chariot e-bus ultracapacitor technology has a number of advantages over conventional diesel traction

Length: 12 m
Seats: 30+2
Disabled seating: 1
Standing room: 58

The Chariot Motors pure ultracapacitor city e-bus features Aowei’s latest and most advanced ultracapacitor. The Higer Bus Company assembles it in its world leading facilities.
Our Future of urban transportation ultracapacitor Chariot e-bus is a 12-metre low-floor city bus. It has 30+2 seats, room for a wheelchair, and standing room for 58, plus a disability ramp. It complies with European homologation certifications, a strict market requirement in the EU, including the ECE R100 energy storage device standard.

The ultracapacitor offers advantages over conventional diesel traction. It cuts operational costs by 80 percent per kilometre. Without a reciprocating engine and transmission, maintenance costs 30 percent less.

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Chariot ultracapacitor e-bus is the future of urban transportation

Technical specifications of Chariot ultracapacitor e-bus

12 m Chariot UC e-bus description
Electric motor
Siemens 1DB2016-2NB06 (2500N·m)
Energy storage system
40KWh Aowei Ultra-capacitor 720V1000F
Electric control system
Higer electric control system
Electrical system
Actia, CAN bus system
Charging system
Aowei pantograph (650V, 200A) + EU standards gun charging
Length × Width × Height (mm)
12000 × 2530 × 3630
Passenger capacity seated
34+2 (foldable) +1, or 30+2 (foldable) +1
Passenger capacity
Max. 90
Door arrangement
2- 2- 2, or 2- 2
Access ramp
Manual wheelchair ramp, or Electric wheelchair ramp
Wi Fi, USB chargers and audio system, gooseneck microphone
Front axle
Rear axle
ZF AV 132
Bosch 8098
Propeller shaft
Disc brake, Wabco EBS, ABS and ASR
Auxiliary brake
Electric energy recycle system
Suspension levelling system
ECAS II with kneeling function
Ventilation and Air-conditioning
Separate climate control system for driver and passengers; Full Spheros one touch climmate control system
Passenger compartment heating system
Heating pump; Spheros electric heater
Auxiliary heating system
Electric defroster
Ventilation system
Valeo transparent roof hatches, and Electrical dual-function fans

Here are other big Chariot ultracapacitor e-bus advantages:

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    The ultracapacitor technology by Aowei

    With 16 years’ commercial operation in Europe, Israel, and Shanghai, and over 85 million km of roadway, Aowei’s ultracapacitor is the most mature energy store in today’s the fast-charging e-bus market;

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    16 years of experience

    16 years’ experience indicate strongly that the ultracapacitor’s lifespan is comparable with that of the rest of the vehicle;

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    Significantly less powerful charging infrastructure

    This means less costly and requiring smaller available capacity of the power source;

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    Wide temperature range of performance

    The system performs fine in temperatures between -40o​C and +60o​​C;

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    Highest safety level

    Ultracapacitors do not catch fire or blow up in crashes, making them very safe;

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    No harmful or toxic substances

    Ultracapacitors contain no toxins. Their electrolyte decomposes to water or hydrogen/oxygen, leaving aluminium, copper, and steel, meaning no pollution and no hidden disposal costs;

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    Unsurpassed recuperation levels

    Unsurpassed recuperation levels enabled by the ultracapacitor’s ability to absorb extremely high charging currents yield exceptionally low power demand by the vehicle’s power train;

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    Passenger capacity and autonomy

    The Chariot ultracapacitor e-bus has the passenger capacity and autonomy of a traditional diesel city bus;

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    No need of cells balancing

    Unlike fast charging batteries, ultracapacitors need no balancing on a cell level;

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    Zero defects of UC cells

    Ultracapacitors have demonstrated zero defects for almost a whole decade;

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    98% operational availability

    The Chariot ultracapacitor e-bus offers almost 98 percent operational availability.

Technical data of Chariot ultracapacitor e-bus