In 2022, the Belgrade public transport operator GSP Beograd put its 10 new Chariot e-buses into commercial operation

Operator: GSP Beograd
Fleet: 15 Chariot e-buses
Daily utilisation: 18 hours 

Chariot Motors in consortium with DAT Holding delivered 10 new UC electric buses in the city of Belgrade, Serbia.  In January 2022 the GSP Beograd public transport operator in Belgrade, put the new 12m long UC e-buses into operation. They have 40kWh ultracapacitors and are charged within six to seven minutes, which is enough for a 25km trip.

The brand-new vehicles will whoosh passengers along the new EKO 2 route with 6.7km length in the innermost central area of Serbia’s capital without leaving any exhaust emissions. The route schedule calls for 80-minute cycles including stops at 10-minute intervals.

The routes have four 450 kW AC/DC charging stations. Average electrical energy consumption is about 1.1KWh/km.

The e-buses are in operation from 6:00am to 23:45pm daily (7 days per week), each e-bus covering 60,000km a year.