Chariot Motors-Higer consortium delivered 30 new electric buses in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, October 2021

Operator: Stolichen Eleкtrotransport
Fleet: 30 Chariot e-buses
Daily utilisation: 19 hours 

In October 2021 the Stolichen Elektrotransport public transport operator in Sofia, Bulgaria, put 30 new 12m long UC e-bues into operation. They have 40kWh ultracapacitors and are charged within five or six minutes, which is enough for a 20km trip. The UC e-buses equip routes 6, 60, 73, 74 in the capital with unduplicated route lengths of 11.5, 10.5, 11, and 7.5km.

The routes have ten charging stations: five 450 kW AC/DC and five 450kW DC/DC. Average electrical energy consumption is about 1.1KWh/km.

The e-buses are in operation from 4:30am to 24:00pm daily (7 days per week), each e-bus covering 75,000km a year.

The order for 30 new Chariot-Higer low-floor fast-charging e-buses and 10 new charging stations is a part of the project Action to Boost Ambient Air Quality in Sofia Municipality by Purchasing and Commissioning Electric Road Transport Vehicles: E-Buses and Trolleybuses under Operational programme Environment 2014-2020 implemented with the assistance of the European Union Cohesion Fund.

The project is entirely financed under procedure No BG16M1OP002-5.004 Measures Addressing Transport as a Source of Air Pollution under the Operational Programme’s Priority Axis 5 Improving Ambient Air Quality.