Chariot Motors electric bus Belgrade

In 2016, the Belgrade public transport operator GSP Beograd put its 5 Chariot e-buses into commercial operation

GSP ran a tender which Chariot Motors won with its Chariot e-bus. Belgrade launched a dedicated e-bus route with five Chariot e-buses. The route, 1E has an unduplicated length of 7.9 kilometres and 13 stops. It connects central Belgrade’s Vukov Spomenik and Novi Beograd, crossing the city centre. A 150kW AC/DC and 150kW DC/DC charging stations at each end of route offer eight-minute charges. Average 1E route energy consumption is around 1.1KWh/km.

Belgrade’s Chariot e-buses operate in temperatures between -14°C and 40°C. They run between 5:30am and 11pm daily. Annual run is 62,000km per bus.

In their first year, they offered 97.5 percent availability: far higher than diesel or CNG buses and trolleybuses.