Chariot electric bus pilot project in Skopje

JSP Skopje, the public transport operator in the city of Skopje, North Macedonia, started a pilot project with a Chariot Motors e-bus in March 2018

In March 2018 Skopje in North Macedonia launched pilot operations with a Chariot e-bus. The project was with public transport operator JSP Skopje. Chariot e-bus project completed in December.

The Chariot Motors electric bus was a 12m low-floor, fully electric unit with a 20kWh ultracapacitor. It ran on route 11 with a 10km unduplicated length. There were two AC/DC chargers at each terminus: one 120kW and one 450kW.

The route is flat. Heavy traffic forces a very low average speed of 10/11km/h. Charging lasted five minutes. The e-bus worked 14 hours a day, covering about 150km.

Average electrical energy consumption was around 1.08KWh/km.