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The Gemamex e-bus charging station monitoring system with energy management

Our partner the Gemamex Motion Co. develops charging stations for Chariot Motors’ electric buses. The company has worked on fast charging stations for electric vehicles since 2015.

Gemamex offers complex fast charging hardware and software for monitoring charging station and eclectic bus economy. Monitoring charge takeup and duration, the system enables e-bus fleet energy management. It archives data, reports on charges, and advises of any alarms. It records different temperatures, records values over extended periods, and communicates with electric buses, monitoring individual bus power draw and charge durations.

The Gemamex monitoring system functionalities include:

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    Station status information;

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    Charge duration;

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    Individual electric bus energy draw and duration;

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    Database compilation of up to several years;

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    Astronomical clock synchronization of the records.

Selective, summary, and reference functions are also available to help charging station energy management and diagnostics. Clients may customise monitoring software. Find more detailed information about the charging stations used by Chariot Motors electric buses.

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