8.5m battery bus disramp

Sofia's public transport operator Stolichen Avtotransport put its 22 new Chariot e-buses into commercial operation, April 2023

Operator: Stolichen Avtotransport
Fleet: 22 Chariot battery e-buses
Daily utilisation: 10 hours 

Chariot Motors delivered 22 new battery electric buses in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. In April 2023 the public transport operator Stolichen Avtotransport put all 8.5-metre-long e-vehicles into operation.

The e-buses are low floor vehicles with wheelchair/stroller ramps. They have video surveillance. The deal includes 22 – 40kW slow charging stations produced by Ekoenergetyka Plug Charger F40. Charging time is about four hours during the night and is sufficient for 160-180km range depending on the weather conditions (if heating, air conditioning is turned on, or there are traffic jams).

The brand-new battery electric vehicles will whoosh passengers along the 23, 82, 100 and 101 routes with average length of 11 km in the central area of Bulgarian’s capital without leaving any exhaust emissions. The e-vehicles will feed the metropolis’ other electric transport modes: the metro and trams.

The buses have 22 – 40kW slow charging stations. Average electrical energy consumption is about 0.6 KWh/km. The e-buses are in operation in two shifts: from 4:30am to 14:30pm, and from 11:30am to 00:30am daily (7 days per week), each e-bus covering 58,000 km a year.