Chariot e-bus in Tel Aviv DAN

Dan, the major Tel Aviv public transport operator, is the second authority to introduce Chariot e-buses

Operator: Dan
Fleet: 37 UC Chariot e-buses
Daily utilisation: 14 hours

Dan launched e-bus operations on 15 September 2016 with five Chariot e-buses on Route 4. The route, one of Tel Aviv’s busiest, connects the Central Station in the south of the city to the Reading Bus Terminal in the north.

Unduplicated route length is 15 kilometres. There are 32 stops. The route has two 150kW AC/DC charging stations, one at each terminus.

After 2017, Dan put four Chariot e-buses with 32kWh ultracapacitors into service.

In late 2018 and 2020 it put 19 and 10 ultracapacitor e-buses with 40 kWh ultracapacitors into service.

By late 2020, 37 Chariot electric buses operated in Tel Aviv, averaging 14 hours’ daily utilisation.