Chariot Ultracapacitor e-bus in Sofia, Alexander Nevsky

The Mayor of Sofia launched Chariot e-bus’s first European pilot project on 19 May 2014. This ended in October 2015

The Chariot e-bus had a 20kWh ultracapacitor and ran regular Route 11 services (11.2-kilometre unduplicated length).

The project had two 150kW DC/DC charging stations located at each route end. Charging time was eight minutes.

Demonstrated for the first time in Europe, the Chariot e-bus demonstrated operational robustness, unprecedented low energy consumption, and operational flexibility.

Scrutinised by Landshut University, Germany, the leading European e-bus test laboratory, the results proved the ultracapacitor as the most efficient energy store and the one most suitable in fast charging e-buses.