A Chariot and E-CO e-bus pilot project in Rome, Italy started on 25 October 2021, operated by the public transport operator ATAC

The pilot project started in October and will end in May 2022. It is a result of Joint-venture between Chariot Motors with its local Italian partner E-CO. The manufacturer of the electric bus is Higer Bus Company Limited, and it is powered by the industry-leading innovative ultracapacitors by Aowei.

Chariot Motors electric bus is 12m low-floor, fully electric, equipped with 32 kWh ultracapacitor and is running in regular Line 64 from Termini Station to San Pietro Station with a length of 12 km in a circle route. The line 64 is serviced by one AC/DC 150 kW charging station located in the square of San Pietro railway station.

The line is characterised with a flat profile, heavy traffic and zones with preferential lanes and limited traffic with very low average commercial speed of 16 -18 km/h. The charging time of the electric bus is 8-10 minutes.

The electric bus serviced passengers from 7 am to 6 pm – from Monday to Sunday, amounting to range covered by the Chariot e-bus per day about 130 km.