A Chariot e-bus pilot project in Turin, Italy started on 1 February 2021, operated by the public transport operator GTT

The pilot project started in February and will end on 31 May 2021. It is a result of Joint-venture between Chariot Motors with its local Italian partner E-CO. The assembler of the bus is Higer Bus Company Limited.

Chariot Motors electric bus is 12m low-floor, fully electric, equipped with 32 kWh ultracapacitor and is running in regular Line 19 with one-direction length of 17 km. The line 19 is serviced by one AC/DC 150 kW charging station at the bus terminal.

The line is characterised with a flat profile, heavy traffic and zones with preferential lanes and limited traffic with very low average commercial speed of 16 -18 km/h. The charging time of the electric bus is 10 minutes.

The electric bus serviced passengers from 9 am to 4 pm – from Monday to Friday, amounting to range covered by the Chariot e-bus per day about 70 km.