Chariot e-bus in Gabrovo

Chariot Motors company delivered three ultracapacitor e-buses in the city of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, November 2020

Operator: Municipality of Gabrovo
Fleet: 3 Chariot e-buses
Daily utilisation: 10 hours

In March 2021 the Munisipality of Gabrovo, put 3 Chariot ultracapacitor e-buses into operation. They have 40kWh ultracapacitors and equip routes. Electric buses operate on Nedevci, Rusevci, and Palauzovo routes with unduplicated route lengths of averaged 14km.

The routes have three 350 kW AC/DC charging station on the final termini, and one service charging station 30 kW AC/DC.

Average electrical energy consumption is some 1.1KWh/km.

The e-buses run from 5:00am to 15:00pm daily (7 days per week), each e-bus will cover around 40,000km a year.