Chariot 18m UC e-bus Sofia

Public transport operators in Sofia and Belgrade make a tests with Chariot 18m UC e-bus

The 18m articulated UC e-bus is the first of its kind in Europe. Public transport operator Stolichen Elektrotransport in Sofia tested it with passengers along the No 84 and No 184 bus routes in an innovative pilot project linking the city centre with the airport in September. The electric bus runs by ultracapacitor charges just ten minutes at the last station and covers the 50km round trip rout.

Serbian capital Belgrade followed the example of Sofia, testing the operational possibilities and amenities offered by the 18m articulated UC e-bus. Public transport operator GSP Belgrade ran the electric vehicle along route No 31, extended to the terminus Sportski Centar Milan Gale Muškatirović, where the vehicle recharged at a 400kW AC/DC fast charger in early October.

The 18m UC electric bus features roof-mounted 108kWh ultracapacitor and it draws about 1.3 kWh per kilometre when the vehicle total load is 4.5 tonnes in optimal conditions. The UC cannot ignite and retains performance in temperatures between -40 and 60°C. Moreover, the bus has no need for overnight charging. The previous day’s final fast charge is enough to run the e-bus next morning without overnight charging. Frequent charge/discharge cycles do not affect UC longevity.