UC technology tram

Aowei Ultracapacitor technology has many different applications

Chariot Motors has a long-term partnership with the Shanghai Aowei Technology Development Co., Ltd. Aowei is a world leader in ultracapacitor (UC) technology with a proven track record in project implementation. Chariot Motors is proud to offer to the European market Aowei’s quality innovative products.

Having begun to prove the energy efficiency of UC technology with electric public transport buses, today Chariot Motors offers the European market ultracapacitors for various other applications, such as use in trams, trucks, trolleybuses, as well as UC for grid stabilization and residential solar.

Ultracapacitors are so-called fast energy storage.

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    Aowei High Energy Ultracapacitor is a relatively new type of high-performance energy storage device;

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    Combining “traditional” ultracapacitor (EDLC) with Lithium-ion battery technology in the same electrolytic cell (hybrid-capacitor);

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    A high-power density (UC charge and discharge very quickly). They can provide very high currents (thousands of Amperes) during a short time (in a few seconds);

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    High reliability. Linear charge-discharge curve, accurately monitoring residual capacity;

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    Lifespan of over 1 million charge-discharge cycles;

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    Very low internal resistance and work efficiency close to 100%;

Their key technological features include the following:

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    Significantly lighter than batteries for high-power applications;

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    High tolerance for extreme temperatures – they work at close to full efficiency even at a temperature range between -25 and +60 degrees Celsius;

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    Not containing harmful chemicals or toxic metals;

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    Not having a significant leakage current, which means that they discharge if not in use;

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    High security/safety. The amount of Li used in a cell is much lower, with no risk of heating or explosion;

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    Smaller environmental impact – they are classified as environmentally friendly due to not containing heavy metals/rare earth. They have a much longer service life – over 10 years.

Ultracapacitors are energy storage systems that enable the rapid growth of renewable energy. They shave peaks of power and ensure stability for power grids with immediate reaction with MWs of power generated in milliseconds.

On the right side, you can see drawings demonstrating the advantages of the Ultracapacitor energy storage system relative to batteries.

You can find more about Aowei’s ultracapacitor application and solutions below: 


Trams UC

Ultracapacitor application in Trams;


RES with UC

Ultracapacitor application in Residential solar (RES);


Ultracapacitor application in Grid stabilization;


Truck wit UC

Ultracapacitor application in Mining trucks.

Ultracap vs. Batteries