Electric bus delivered by Higer-Aowei in Sofia

Higer-Aowei consortium, represented by Chariot Motors company delivered 15 electric buses in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, January 2020

Operator: Stolichen Eleкtrotransport
Fleet: 15 Chariot e-buses
Daily utilisation: 16 hours 

In January 2020 the Stolichen Elektrotransport public transport operator in Sofia, Bulgaria, put 15 Higer-Aowei ultracapacitor e-buses into operation. They have 40kWh ultracapacitors and equip routes 11, 84, 184, 123 with unduplicated route lengths of 10.5, 12, 9.4, and 12km.

The routes have terminal 5,500kW DC/DC and AC/CD chargers (three 500 DC/DC and two 450 AC/DC), charges lasting five minutes. Average electrical energy consumption is some 1.1KWh/km.

The e-buses run from 4:30am to 11:45pm daily (7 days per week), each e-bus covering 80,000km a year.