Sofia public transport: now 70 percent electric

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At last week’s Energy for a Green Future conference, Sofia Mayor Ms Yordanka Fandakova reported on advances towards metropolitan city public transport electrification. The aim is to replace 100 percent of trolleybuses, 90 percent of buses and 50 percent of trams, and to purchase 120 additional zero-emission electric buses. “These are huge advances that have…

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Tallinn’s electric public transport switch “might take beyond 2035”

Global News electrification of public transport in Tallinn

Tallinn’s city government is formulating public transport modes, types of vehicles, guidelines, and investment for the coming decade. The objective was to replace diesel and gas with electricity by 2035. Russia’s war on Ukraine and the resulting energy squeeze, however, are forcing some rethinking by the authorities and transport operator TLT. “The city’s goal is…

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Monday 3 April sees 22 more Chariot battery e-buses in Sofia

Chariot Motors News Chariot battery e-bus in Sofia

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova and Deputy Mayor Doncho Barbalov inspected 22 new Chariot Motors battery electric buses today. Metropolitan operator Stolichen Avtotransport will put ten of them into operation Monday 3 April. Plying routes 23, 82, 100 and 101, they will feed the metropolis’ other electric transport modes: the metro and trams. All 22 should…

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