Belgrade to operate Europe’s first 18m ultracapacitor e-bus

Chariot Motors News Chariot 18m e-bus in Belgrade

Serbian capital Belgrade followed the example of Sofia, testing the operational opportunities and amenities offered by the 18m Chariot-Higer articulated UC e-bus in early October. Trials of the Chariot-Higer 18m UC articulated electric bus begun on 1 October at the GSP Beograd public transport company. The vehicle has an ultracapacitor rated at 108kWh and it…

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Chariot Motors’ partner Higer to make electric and hydrogen buses in Brazil

Chariot Motors NewsGlobal News Chariot 18m UC e-bus Sofia

Chinese bus maker Higer, part of the group that manufactures King Long and Golden Dragon brands, continues to demonstrate great ambition in the electrification of Latin American public transport. Last November Brazil witnessed the official presentation of the Higer Azure 12BR electric standard in an event chaired by the Mayor of São Paulo. The 12.2…

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Sofia tests Europe’s first 18m ultracapacitor e-bus

Chariot Motors News Chariot 18m UC e-bus in Sofia

Chariot Motors’ latest product, the 18m UC e-bus, has been road tested in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. The new articulated 18m UC electric bus is a joint effort by Israeli-Bulgarian company Chariot Motors, China’s largest bus manufacturer Higer, and world-leading ultracapacitor maker Aowei. Cutting edge ultracapacitor technology enables these vehicles to reuse brake energy using what…

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Chariot Motors to supply four more ultracapacitor e-buses to Sofia

Chariot Motors News

13 July 2022: Electric bus and charger pioneer Chariot Motors, supplier of Ultracapacitor (UC) e-buses to Sofia operator Stolichen Elektrotransport, won a tender and signed a contract for delivery of four more UC e-buses. Announced in May, the contest was for fast-charging, low-floor buses plus three electric chargers. Chariot 12-metre-long UC e-buses are produced by…

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Electreon to pilot US subsurface wireless EV road charging in 2023

Chariot Motors NewsGlobal News new EV fast charging road

Israeli company Electreon has announced it is planning to build the United States’ first road stretch with built-in electric vehicle wireless charging. The pilot project is set to be finished next year in Detroit, Michigan. Initially it will be a mile long. The road will have a sub-surface network of charging coils connected to the…

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