50% of the city buses registered in Europe in 2023 were zero-emission vehicles

Chariot Motors NewsGlobal News 18m UC bus in Ljubljana

The European electric bus market recorded a 53% growth in registrations during 2023. 6,354 electric busеs were registered in the EU, including Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland. 43% of the city buses were battery, hydrogen, or ultracapacitor-powered e-buses. Overall, 13,466 buses with alternative drivelines were registered, marking a 41% increase as compared with the previous year,…

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At least 34% of new buses in Bulgaria must be environmentally clean by 2026

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By the end of 2025, 34% of the buses purchased for the Bulgarian public transport must be sustainable. This is envisaged in the Council of Ministers’ draft decree, as proposed by the Minister of Transport. The decree sets out the requirements for vehicles when procured by the public sector operators. A vehicle’s sustainability is determined…

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Azure 9 e-bus has been launched at the Busworld by Chariot Motors’ partner Higer

Chariot Motors NewsGlobal News Azure battery e-bus

Chariot Motors’ partner Higer Bus Company, the bus leader in bus and coach manufacturing, launched this October at Busworld the electric battery-powered, nine-meter-long bus Azure as a mid-sized product specifically developed for the European market. The e-bus Azure 9 is equipped with a new CATL battery, high efficiency motor, and intelligent electronic control system. The…

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Busworld Europe 2023 will take place in Brussels, 7-12 October

Global News Conference Busworld Europe

Busworld Conference & Exhibition is scheduled in Brussels from 7 to 12 October, it’ll be hosting over 500 exhibitors with the aim of gathering 40,000 visitors. Chariot Motors’ partners, which are among the modern giants in world e-bus manufacturing (the Shanghai Aowei Technology Development Company, developer of fast-charging capacitors, and the Higer Bus Company), will be…

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