Higer serves the FIFA Doha, Qatar 2022 World Cup with no fewer than 6000 buses

Chariot Motors News Higer buses in Qatar

The world’s top football players received tsunami-like adulation as they rode the roaring streets draped in Argentine motifs and Argentina Champion titles. Their open-top victory double-decker was made by Higer! The iconic vehicle was one of over 6000 Higer buses serving the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. This was one of the largest orders…

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Article in Sustainable bus: Sofia and Belgrade to operate Europe’s first 18m ultracapacitor e-bus

Chariot Motors News Chariot Motors e-bus charging

Focused on clean buses and public transport sustainability, Sustainable Bus announced Chariot Motors -Higer new product: the 18m Ultracapacitor e-bus. This innovative and sustainable vehicle plied the streets of two European capitals last months: Sofia and Belgrade. Read the Sustainable Bus article of Chariot-Higer electric bus. The 18 UC electric bus is going to continue…

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