Ballingen has launched Germany’s first public project for electric vehicle wireless charging

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The project involves laying an Electric Road System (ERS) and static charging stations along a functioning bus route with stops. The first phase will be 400 metres long and have two charging stations. The second extends this to 1000 metres. Electreon, leading provider of wireless and in-road electric vehicle chargers, will provide static and dynamic…

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Ljubljana begins testing Chariot-Higer 18m UC e-bus

Chariot Motors News 18m UC bus in Ljubljana

The Chariot-Higer 18m ultracapacitor electric bus plied the routes in Slovenian capital Ljubljana for an experimental one-week period. Public transport operator LPP Ljubljana ran the trial and was satisfied with the results. The 18m articulated UC e-bus is the most efficient zero-emission city transport electric bus on the market. It recharges automatically in 10 to…

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Higer serves the FIFA Doha, Qatar 2022 World Cup with no fewer than 6000 buses

Chariot Motors News Higer buses in Qatar

The world’s top football players received tsunami-like adulation as they rode the roaring streets draped in Argentine motifs and Argentina Champion titles. Their open-top victory double-decker was made by Higer! The iconic vehicle was one of over 6000 Higer buses serving the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. This was one of the largest orders…

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