Monday 3 April sees 22 more Chariot battery e-buses in Sofia

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Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova and Deputy Mayor Doncho Barbalov inspected 22 new Chariot Motors battery electric buses today. Metropolitan operator Stolichen Avtotransport will put ten of them into operation Monday 3 April. Plying routes 23, 82, 100 and 101, they will feed the metropolis’ other electric transport modes: the metro and trams. All 22 should…

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Ballingen has launched Germany’s first public project for electric vehicle wireless charging

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The project involves laying an Electric Road System (ERS) and static charging stations along a functioning bus route with stops. The first phase will be 400 metres long and have two charging stations. The second extends this to 1000 metres. Electreon, leading provider of wireless and in-road electric vehicle chargers, will provide static and dynamic…

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