Electric vehicle inductive charging specialist ElectReon to install wireless charging in Tel Aviv

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Electric vehicle inductive charging specialist ElectReon and Israel’s Dan Bus Company have signed a five-year contract to expand public electric bus route wireless charging in and around Tel Aviv. The network will enable inductive charging for 200 electric buses at existing bus stations. The buses are to be delivered by Israel’s Higer bus importer Pandan.…

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First of the order for 30 new Chariot-Higer e-buses enter service with the Sofia public transport operator

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The first of the order of 30 new e-buses from the Chariot Motors – Higer consortium inaugurated service in the city of Sofia today. The Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Transport, Kristiyan Krastev, attended the inauguration, stating that Sofia public transport fleet rollover continued, the 30 new e-buses bringing Sofiyski Gradski Elektrotransport electric bus numbers up…

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Public operator Nobina in Sweden values e-mobility and has made an order for 122 new electric buses

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A total of 122 electric articulated and single buses are set to be delivered to Gothenburg, Malmö, and Hässleholm in southern Sweden by 2022/2023. The public transport operator has ordered 84 electric buses to start operating in Gothenburg in the summer of 2022/2023, 29 e-buses are being delivered to Malmö and 9 will be delivered to Hässleholm at the end…

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