December: the Gabrovo Municipality signs up for three Chariot ultracapacitor e-buses

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On 4 December 2019 Bulgaria’s Gabrovo Municipality signed a leva 2.7 million/euro 1.4 million contract with Chariot Motors for three Chariot ultracapacitor e-buses. The e-buses are equipped with 40kWh ultracapacitors. The routes have termini with three AC/DC charging stations and e-buses’ charging time of seven minutes. The project gets EU Regions in Growth Operational Programme…

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Two battery technologies lead the electric bus market

Global News Electric bus batteries

China electric bus buyers prefer LFP batteries as cheaper to make compared with similarly performing ternary compound lithium-ion (NMC/NCA) ones. Another reason is that buses in densely populated megapolises like Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing operate shorter cycles, making battery density less of an issue than in the sparsely-populated USA. Also, LFP batteries are mainly made…

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Chariot e-bus on the Energy Cluster Annual Conference in Aalborg, Denmark

Chariot Motors News Chariot e-bus pilot project in Aalborg, Denmark

On June 11, 2019, a Chariot ultracapacitor e-bus jointly developed by Chariot Motors, Shanghai Aowei, and the Higer Bus Company, formally launched trial operation in Aalborg, Denmark. The pilot project of 24km demonstration route connects the airport to the university through the city centre. Charging needs only eight minutes at the airport end to cover…

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